Skin care in monsoon to look good

Monsoon is an energizing season that makes you feel so awesome and happy and also it is a season to revitalize all the living things on the planet.

Everyone waits for this season so that that they can enjoy the rains but along with this, you may notice some uneasiness with the skin.

Many people generally forgot to take care of their skin. It is very difficult for everybody to adjust according to weather changes. It puts you in trouble that makes you feel sick. So it is very important to have a healthy skin in monsoon. And for that you should keep many things in mind or you should follow some tips.

Here are some of the tips, which you can follow to look good.

Keep your skin clean

Firstly, you should clean your skin. To get rid of oil and dirt and pores, it is very important to cleanse your skin. After using the usual face wash, you should use scrub twice a week to make your skin look good. It would be good for oily skin if you use a face scrub of rice flour and rose water. And also you can use an amalgamation of besan and channa powder mixed with rose water. To get rid of breakout of pores, you can use the scrub on a daily basis especially for oily skin.

Avoid fungal infection

Secondly, look after your skin from fungal infection. The main skin care matter of fungal infections is brought by humid weather. Warm moisture can accumulate easily in those areas where fungus grows easily like in armpits, between your toes and groin. Anti-fungal powder and anti-fungal soap can be applied, if you want to take care of this issue. In lukewarm water, bath is taken and you should avoid your skin to get wet for such a long time.

Avoid wearing heavy makeup

Thirdly, you should avoid wearing heavy make-up especially in monsoon. Avoid rubbing your facial skin with a towel after taking bath. Your skin should be treated softly as it may cause hyper pigmentation if you treat it roughly. Avoid wearing oily foundation, cream based color make up and heavy moisturizing cream as it will give you a dull look.

Tone your skin

Fourthly, for your toned skin, you can use an anti-bacterial toner because that will go a long way to prevent skin breakouts and infections. Along with the toner, you can also make use of anti-bacterial face wash.

Fresheners can be used on a daily basis to give your skin a good look. An ideal skin tonic can be made by mixing witch hazel with rose water. Do not forget to keep the paste into the refrigerator.

Use Moisturizer

A waterless moisturizer can be used in monsoons as over-hydrating effect on oily skin and de-hydrating effect on dry skin can be caused. If you want to use water based moisturizer, then also it will work. In case if you have a sensitive skin, then do not use scrubs. You can use a mixture of ground almonds with milk to make a paste for dry skin.

Have a good diet

Last but not the least, a good diet is must. Drink plenty of water and have a nutritional diet to look good.

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