Step by step preparation of cheese

Cheese is an important ingredient of your meal irrespective of the time you are having it.

It is an all time favorite of kids and grown ups as well. You can find a vide variety of cheese in the market they are available in different shape, flavor and sizes. But one aspect of cheese which might stop you from buying it from the market is its quality. There is a possibility that cheese which is available in the market is not of supreme quality. In that case you can always opt for step by step preparation of cheese at home.

Preparation of cheese at home ensures that the cheese made is of good quality. Preparation of cheese at home is not an uphill task. So we will now see step by step procedure on how you can prepare cheese at home.

Step by step preparation of cheese:

  • The first and most important step is to pay necessary heed towards the quality of the milk. Make sure that you are using high quality and pure milk for making cheese.
  • In the next step add equal quantity of butter milk and normal milk. After adding, allow them to stand for the next 24 hours at room temperature so that formation of curd starts.
  • Take a bowl and cover it with a thick muslin and scoop out all the curd in the muslin and then cover it carefully to avoid any bacteria and impurity.
  • After some time pick the muslin with the curd and hang it carefully after tying it with a string. Make sure that you squeeze the extra whey by firmly pressing the muslin and then hang the muslin with the curd so that even the rest of curd water drains out.
  • Hang the muslin for around 5 hours until all the curd water drains out.
  • After 4-5 hours bring the muslin down by cutting the string. Take out the cheese on a plate and carefully remove the muslin from it.
  • Your home made cheese is now ready and you can cut it in varied variety of shapes and enjoy your meal.

It is a myth that preparation of cheese at home is very cumbersome and time taking. By following this simple step by step cheese preparation procedure you can prepare healthy cheese for your family. Now you don’t have to worry about the quality of the cheese. You can quench the hunger of cheese lovers at your home by preparing fresh and healthy cheese.

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