TVS Wego mileage

The TVS Wego is a gearless scooty that was launched sometime back by the company. It is a compact and small scooty that looks nice and feels nicer. The design and looks of the vehicle clearly indicate that the company does paid attention to it. This small and cute scooty called the TVS Wego is available in some very smart shades which are golden beige, dark blue, cappuccino brown, black and silver.

TVS Wego stands out from the crowd of many other scooties in the market, thanks to its looks and graphics. Now let’s have a look at the reviews saying all about its performance and mileage in the following sections.

TVS Wego mileage reviews

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that the TVS Wego is not a fancy bike with gazillion CC’s and all you can imagine power. Something light and nimble, which can keep up with the traffic and isn’t very hard on the driver when the traffic gets heavier. The Wego grabs interest because of the attention to all detailing by the company. An external fuel filler is something you would love to have on it, since the trips to petrol stations happens to be very often as the 4 litre tank is nowhere near enough and a mileage of 40-45 kilometres per litre is all you could get, which isn’t very bad if you think about it, and not lifting your seats each time you are there in a petrol station is certainly welcome. The ride on the scooter is quite to the rider’s fancy, soft.

Biikedekho [dot] com  opines that the TVS Motors has heated up the competition in gearless scooter segment in India by launching its innovative scooter TVS Wego. The scooter was displayed at Delhi Auto Expo 2010 along with TVS Jive. This can be termed as Male Scooty for Indian customers. TVS Motors is dominating the scooty segment with its TVS Scooty Pep and the company is targeting the gearless scooter market with TVS Wego now.

TVS Wego is powered by a 110cc air cooled engine that develops a maximum power of 8 bhp at 7500 rpm and delivers a top torque of 8 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine is all-aluminium low-friction that promises greater mileage of about 45 kilometres per litre. TVS Wego has been launched with automatic gears that make easy riding for every one including man, women, old ones and adults. This unisex scooter TVS Wego has won Scooter of the Year 2011 Award, recently outplaying Honda Activa.

Newtechnology [dot] co [dot] in states that the new TVS Wego is the latest automatic scooter from TVS motors. TVS Wego is an 110cc scooter that delivers a peak power of 8 BHP @ 7500rpm.

TVS has made use of vehicle simulation models, computational fluid dynamics and frequency response analysis techniques to ensure smooth and noise-free engine and best-in-class ride comfort and handling. The all-aluminium low-friction engine ensures best-in-class mileage. Multi-reflector halogen headlamps and LED tail lamp with optical guides give the scooter dynamic styling better described as urban dynamism. As far as the fuel efficiency is concerned the TVS Wego mileage will be around 50 kilometres per litre.

TVS Wego mileage: The final verdict

The TVS Wego is a smart looking beautiful gearless scooty suited for driving by people of all ages. It is easy to handle and light-weighted which makes its driving experience smoother. For the mileage it can be stated to be around 40 to 45 kilometres per litre which is not bad at all.

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  • Nagalakshmi Venkat

    ]I bought a Wego a day ago and i filled the petrol tank and took it out and drove almost 35 kms. pick up was good smooth driving but to my shock suuddently i couldnt give accelarator and it stopped. when i turned backs petol was dropping throughout and called the service guy. he fixed the connecting tube tightly but he said somebody has tried to steal the petrol. Now my question is
    1.Is it such a unsafe bike that I have to be alert all the time and cant park the bike anywhereopen in the day time
    2.Or is it a mistake on the mechanic side that he has not fixed it properly.
    Expecting the speedy reply

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