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Urinary tract infections in women

Urinary tract infection also called UTI occurs due to bacterial infection in the urinary tract system. These bacteria multiply in number and create infection. This infection although is not very serious but does have very discomforting symptoms. Women are most prone to urinary tract infections.

The reason behind this is that they have shorter urinary tract than men. Such an infection gets treated with antibiotic medications. Some women are so prone to UTI that they suffer from recurring infections.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections in women

There are some very common and easily recognisable symptoms of urinary tract infection. They are given below.

  • Pain and inflammation while passing urine
  • Frequent urges to urinate
  • Soreness in the lower abdomen, back or sides
  • Back pain, fever, nausea, chills and /or vomiting

Causes of urinary tract infections in women

There are many reasons why a woman will be affected by urinary tract infections. The possibilities and the reasons are given below.

  • One of the most common causes of UTI is bacteria of bowel that reside on the skin of vagina or rectum that gets spread and enters urinary tract. These bacteria then move upwards causing infection in the bladder.
  • Sexual intercourse is one very common cause of urinary tract infections in women. During this activity bacteria in the vaginal area sometimes are passed into the urinary tract causing infection in the urethra.
  • Women who have more than one sexual partner or indulge in sexual activity very frequently come in contact with urinary tract infections sooner.
  • Other factors leading to UTIs are menopause, pregnancy, diabetes, stone in kidney etc.

Diagnosing urinary tract infections in women

The basis of diagnosing whether a woman is affected by urinary tract infection is through urine tests wherein number of bacteria and white blood cells is determined. A pelvic examination and urine culture test is necessary to detect urinary tract infection in women.

Treatment of urinary tract infections in women

Treating urinary tract infection is not a very complicated task. Antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor to cure this problem. Also liquid intake has to be increased. Drinking lots of water, fresh juices and soups is advised. Maintaining hygiene of highest order is also necessary to avoid/cure this problem.

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