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White patches in mouth

The skin inside the mouth is pink in colour in perfect health. Any discolouration or patches need your attention. A problem that some people experience is that of white patches in mouth. These patches or spots cannot be ignored as they appear clearly on the inner skin of the mouth. If such patches appear in your mouth it is an alarm warning you to visit your dentist or doctor as soon as possible. There are many reasons why white patches in mouth appear.

Reasons for white patches in mouth

Let’s have a look at the causes behind the appearance of white patches in mouth.

Lichen Planus

This is one of the most prominent causes of white patches in mouth. Lichen Planus is basically an autoimmune disorder which makes lacy white patched get developed inside the mouth. These patches mostly appear on the palate, gums, tongue and the skin inside the mouth. If the condition worsens these white patches may develop in the throat and oesophagus too.


This is a condition in which the white patches develop in the mouth. It happens due to excessive growth of cells in the mouth. These cells leave white patches as a result.

People who chew or smoke tobacco are more at the risk of contracting Leukoplakia. If not treated well within the time it may develop in to cancer too!


This is one of the most common conditions leading to white patches in mouth. Candidiasis is basically a fungal infection that is caused by the yeast called Candida Albicans. These white patches appear cottage cheese like and develop consistently all over.

Other reasons for white patches in mouth


This problem is again responsible for development of white patches in the mouth and throat too.

Frictional Keratosis

This is another condition that easily leads to white patches in mouth. This condition develops due to the continuous friction from teeth and dentures. The main way to identify this problem is the appearance of white lines in gums or inner cheek.


Smoking tobacco can lead to white patches on the palate along with small red spots. Due to smoking the uppermost layer of the skin in the mouth undergoes reactive changes and thus these patches. After three to four weeks these white patches turn red.

How to cure the white patches in mouth

  • Any edible stuff that irritates the skin in the mouth must be avoided at all costs.
  • Taking aspirin tablet with water can prevent white patches that are caused by reactive changes.
  • A moist tea bag when placed on the white patches helps remove the irritation or pain caused by it.
  • A solution of milk of magnesia and Benadryl must be used for washing the mouth and spitting all off.
  • Consuming a cup of yoghurt with live cultures helps remove the white patches caused due to candidiasis.
  • Quit smoking and chewing tobacco to avoid the white patches.
  • Prepare a solution of equal ratios of water and hydrogen peroxide and apply that on the white patches in the mouth.
  • Avoid consuming spicy and abrasive food.
  • Alcohol must be avoided too.
  • If suffering from white patches due to frictional keratosis, visit the dentist and get the irritation source removed.

Please note that any medicine claiming to help you get rid of the white patches must be taken only after consultation of a qualified medical practitioner/doctor.

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