Yamaha SS 125 mileage

The Yamaha SS 125 is a decent looking 125 cc segment bike which is pretty well known in the Indian market. Just as any other Yamaha bike, this one too looks good. Done up with fascinating graphics and colour scheming, the bike looks stylish and powerful.

There are few but attractive colour choices available in the Yamaha SS 125. They are black with blue and black with red. These colours further enhance the good looks of the bike. In the following section you will be provided with the reviews on Yamaha SS 125’s mileage, engine and its performance.

Yamaha SS 125 mileage reviews

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that the Yamaha SS 125 is a stylish adequately powerful, low maintenance; good build quality and relatively cheap bike to buy. Yamaha is one company that has taught the Indian men to stop just commuting and start sport biking. This is done well with Yamaha SS 125 too. The perfectly square engine (54X54 bore and stroke) is refined with a very steady and smooth power delivery. It is mostly silent but gives out a very pleasant grunt when the throttle is opened. It has all but 11PS of power and 10.4 Nm of torque. You’ll never feel it inadequate in town. The build quality of Yamaha Gladiator SS125 is superb and the paint is terrific. There are very nice touches everywhere. The exhaust pipe has a nice finish called ‘Machine gun type muffler’ by the company. There are the bar-end weights and then there’s the racy engine cowl. The headlamp fairing is supposedly wind-tunnel tested with a horizontal slit. It handles amazingly well. The bike is light with 125 kilograms as its kerb weight. With normal driving you will be getting 55 kilometres per litre of mileage with Yamaha SS 125.

Automobileupdates [dot] com states that the engine as per the Yamaha SS125 review is the same as the one in Gladiator. The 125cc engine can deliver power of 11 bhp at 7500 rpm along with peak torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. The bike has 5 speed gears and comes with multiplate wet clutch. The bike has diamond tubular chassis. The length of the bike is 1995mm and its width is 730mm and the height is 1110mm.

The bike has Yamaha Throttle Position sensor and this allows great acceleration. The bike has telescopic fork front suspension and swing arm rear suspension. The bike also has front disc brakes and drum rear brakes. The brake system allows for easy deceleration along with quick braking. The suspension allows the bike to take corners with relative ease.

The bike comes with kick start as well as self-start options. The bike weighs 125 kilograms and has a ground clearance of 155 mm. The bike has fuel tank capacity of 13.60 litres and has a wheelbase of 1295mm. The bike has wet sump lubrication feature and this ensures the fuel can be used entirely and this thereby improves the mileage. The mileage given by Yamaha SS 125 is around 60 to 70 kilometres per litre.

Bikedekho [dot] com opines that the Yamaha SS 125 is a stylish looking 125 cc bike in the country. The bike is aerodynamically designed which offers very stylish and impressive looks. The new Yamaha SS 125 is designed to cater large number of young crowd with its mind blowing latest technology. The new Yamaha SS 125 is one of the tough competitors in its segment.

The all new Yamaha SS 125 is equipped with an engine capacity of 123 cc. The powerful bike is very economical on roads and also a great performer. The bike is endowed with 4 stroke engine, forward inclined single cylinder with SOHC valve configuration. The massive engine of the bike produces maximum power of 11 PS at 7500 rpm and beating torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. The engine of the new Yamaha SS 125 is bestowed with carburettor fuel supply system, wet sump lubrication system, air cooling technology and 5 Speed Constant mesh transmission gears. The powerful Yamaha SS 125 is sure to deliver a standard fuel efficiency of 55 kilometres per litre in urban roads. The classy bike is loaded with a 13.6 litres of petrol tank.

Yamaha SS 125 mileage: The final verdict

This good looking bike is great to drive and easy to handle. No discomforts are ever faced while driving the bike on any road and traffic conditions. The Yamaha SS 125 delivers a mileage of around 50 to 60 kilometres per litre.

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