Carrier window AC experience

  • Purchased in May 2006
  • Model: 1.5 tom AC,  GenX with remote
  • Pros: good looks, high efficiency, condensate management
  • Cons: expensive than other ac’s
  • Rating: Good, meets expectations
  • Place of purchse: Chandigarh

I went to the carrier comfort point to buy celesta model of 1.5 ton window ac.

 I had researched all the competing models and found that carrier is a good bargain if we consider efficiency,life of the product, quality, and brand. Most other popular brands are just getting the products assembled and putting in their label only , just to expand their product base, whereas carrier is in this business only for a prety long time and manufactures all the parts including compressors.

Also carrier windows ac have condensate management system with which water does not dips from the unit. ( as I stay on the first floor this was my major concern) These were the reasons for purchasing a carrier ac.

The carrier dealer told me that carrier had just launched a new series Genx in 1.5 ton window ac’s. Two models were available are genx1 without remote and genX2 with remote. The added features I found was the EER has been increased to 10 ( 18,200 BTU & 1820 Watts ) as comparable to previous models of 9.8.

The air flow has also been increased to 500 CFM. The size of the ac has also been reduced to give it a better look. The white grill matched perfectly with my interiors. I bought thye genX2 model with remote.

The minus points is that the remote is non LCD. I am using ths ac for the last one week and I am satisfied with its performance. The ac cools my 11 by 15 feet room in just 15 minutes and i keep the temerature setting at 26 degrees which is a perfect one and seems to be an ideal state and have no difficulty in going out of the room.

Pros high EER, less noise, good looks.

Cons non LCD remote, cost

2 comments to Carrier window AC review

  • ravi

    never buy carrier ac as it is waste of money.This is the worst produtas well as the company .They are providing worst services and not at all boathering customer’s satisfaction about the product .So never go with Carrier.

  • Ranjan

    I am not agree with you.
    I am also using carrier, it has so decent cooling and looks.
    If you talk about service then no company in india provides satisfactory after sales service.
    Service Technicians in all cities are privately hired and paid off by company for each service they made. Also those technicians are not knowledgeable person.
    I know some AC technicians. Company call them to make a service for ac and they go at mentioned address with name of that company.

    They just open ac and do R&D on it. So Never talk about Service and support in India.

    I have pathetic response about after sale service for LG SAMSUNG Onida Bluestar AC.
    I am using Carrier Estrella 1.5 its working good.
    If you will start thinking of service then you can never buy a product.

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