LG India

LG India, a global electronics company is fast growing since its establishment. It was set up with an aim to earn a name in the global market and today with its efficient quality products and its name speaks for itself. LG India has forayed today in the electronic global market so strongly that there is no looking back now. . . . → Read More: LG India

Portable air Conditioner

There are some windows that are not suitable for window air conditioners or require a lot of modification in order to fit the unit. This may indeed look shabby. Sometimes there is no proper air ventilation space outside the window / wall vent for the air conditioner to work properly. This is where a portable air conditioner comes into picture and suites the conditions. . . . → Read More: Portable air Conditioner

Air conditioner LG Vs Samsung

Both home electronics giants have launched many air conditioner models in Indian consumer market and launch new models from time to time to make an edge over the other. Consumers are often faced with the dilemma of which air conditioner to buy as both offers all types of air conditioners to suite everyone’s requirements. In this article we compare the Samsung air conditioners with LG air conditioners and figure out which one is better than the other. . . . → Read More: Air conditioner LG or Samsung

Samsung Service Center

Samsung offers efficient customer services through its authorised service centers. Samsung India offers warranty cover period on its products and these authorised Samsung service centres are there to serve this purpose. If there is any problem in the product purchased, the only thing customers have to do is produce the bill with the product and they will get their product replaced or repaired, according to the need, free of cost. . . . → Read More: Samsung Service Center

Carrier window AC review

I had researched all the competing models and found that carrier is a good bargain if we consider efficiency,life of the product, quality, and brand. Most other popular brands are just getting the products assembled and putting in their label only , just to expand their product base, whereas carrier is in this business only for a prety long time and manufactures all the parts including compressors. . . . → Read More: Carrier window AC review

Best air conditioner in India

We have listed the air conditioner brands largely available in India depending upon the technology used, superior workmanship, star ratings, innovation and world standing. The ranking is on technical aspects only and not on price. The more superior the product the more the price. It is also based on experience and use of the products over a long period and feedback from customers. . . . → Read More: Best air conditioner in India

Window ac or split ac which one to buy

It is often confusing which ac to by for your home window or split. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The ideal ac which suites best and has the maximum star ratings is the best for you. . . . → Read More: Window ac or split ac

Air conditioner BEE star ratings

Star rating is a system initiated by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to determine the energy efficiency of an electronic product for home use like window and split air-conditioners. Depending on their energy efficiency they are rated on a scale of 1 – 5 and indicated by starts for easy understanding. . . . → Read More: Air conditioner star ratings