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Hero Honda Hunk mileage

Resembling Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, Hunk is a very muscular and coveted motorbike these days. Its design and styling has been done in a manner to meet the expectations of all the young men. It has got a very powerful engine and its built is robust to suit the Indian roads. It delivers a superior performance and dominates all roads.

Due to all these great features of Hero Honda Hunk it makes the bike stand out from the crowd. Hero Honda Hunk is available in four colours which are blue, black, silver and red. The tag line given to the bike fits it very well. It says ‘No one messes with it’. Its deadly looks ensure that very well. Powered by a 150 cc engine, the Hunk boasts of a great pick up too.

Hero Honda Hunk mileage reviews

Automobile [dot] psyphil [dot] com states Hero Honda Hunk’s mileage to be between 50 and 55 kilometres per litre. They state its USPs to be its anti-kick back mechanism, advanced microprocessor ignition system, tuff tubes for puncher resistance and 5-step adjustable nitrox GRS shocks.

According to speedmasti [dot] com believes Hero Honda Hunk is an extremely good looking bike with fine finsh and one of the best looks in its segment. It is one of the most coveted and best performing bikes in the 150 cc bikes segment. According to them the fuel efficiency delivered by this bike is 57.8 kilometres per litre.

Automobileupdates [dot] com states its performance to be very superior. Its engine specifications are similar to that of Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme and the bike is at par with it whereas looks, performance and engine are concerned. According to them its features and the above mentioned factor set it apart from all bikes in the market. They state its fuel efficiency to come fall between 45 and 50 kilometres per litre.

Hero Honda Hunk mileage: The final verdict

All in all, we can conclude by saying that Hero Honda Hunk is not going to disappoint its users a bit when its look, design, engine and fuel efficiency come. Its mileage according to us is between 50 to 55 kilometres per litre. A great driving experience with good shock absorber performance and smooth engine, this bike is a definitely a must buy.

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