Mileage of SX4

Maruti Suzuki’s sedan SX4 has created enough buzz to make it a successful car. This car has caught the attention of the Indian consumers which is proven by its high sales figure. Initially with its launch people were quite apprehensive of how the car will perform, but later on with its positive expert reviews and consumer feedback it broke all expectations. SX4 is one of the most selling sedans by Maruti Suzuki.

This car has seven variants which are Vxi (BSIV), Zxi MT (BSIV), Zxi MT Leather (BSIV), VXI CNG, Zxi AT (BSIV), Zxi AT Leather (BSIV), Zxi with Leather BSIII. The color options offered by Maruti Suzuki in their sedan SX4 are pearl arctic white, clear beige, midnight black, silky silver, azure grey, oyster blue, French éclair.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 mileage reviews

Carwale[dot]com gives 4.5 stars to SX4. They say SX4’s mileage is of 14.9 kilometers per liter on highways and 10.2 kilometers per liter on city roads, making an overall average of 11.14 kilometers per liter of mileage. They say the car zooms up to a top speed of 175 kilometers per hour and takes only 12.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour speed. Five people can be comfortably seated in this car. Long distance journey is not a problem if you traveling by SX4 as the interiors are very quite roomy and the seats very comfortable. The exterior, interior, equipments and safety are not to be doubted.

Cartradeindia[dot]com claim Maruti Suzuki SX4 mileage to be 11.0 kilometers per liter on city roads whereas 13 kilometers per liter on highways. They feel SX4 is a good attempt by Maruti Suzuki and similar and even better sedans are expected of them in future.

Gaadi[dot]com says Maruti has succeeded in doubling its market share with the launch of SX4. It has got a bigger look and has certainly caught the imagination of the Indian consumers that can be seen in the sales figures. It has got a great packaging and has got a good ride quality. SX4 is available only in petrol version unlike its competitors. Maruti needs to work on the interior quality of SX4 as after some time it develops rattle. It needs also to sort out its weak clutch that does not help much in traffic jams. They give SX4 four out of five stars rating and say the mileage of SX4 comes to 14.9 kilometers per liter.

Autmobileupdates[dot]com says Maruti SX4 which is one of the latest offerings from the automobile giant Maruti was launched in May 2007. It was directly pitted against the likes of successful cars like Honda City. Most Maruti Suzuki review sites indicate that the car has become quite successful since its launch and has been well received in the market. The advantage of the car is its great styling along with fully loaded features that are offered at entirely affordable prices. They say SX4’s mileage is slightly disappointing at 9.3 km/l within the city and 14.5 km/l on the highway. However ARAI indicates the mileage figures to be 15.5 km/l for manual version and 12.5 km/l for the automatic variation of the car. The car takes around 12 seconds to reach from 0 to 100kilometers per hour.

Mileage of Maruti Suzuki SX4: the final verdict

The sedan, SX4 by Maruti Suzuki is a successful attempt. This car has showed all other automobile companies that apart form excelling in hatchback cars, Maruti Suzuki is also capable of giving the automobile market good sedans. The mileage of SX4 is by far around 11 to 14 kilometers per liter according to us. Buying this sedan is a great decision as you get a good fuel economy, Maruti Suzuki’s trustworthy and affordable services and a smart looking car standing in your parking lot.

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  • Nikhil

    I can see many people having positive opinion on this car. We had discussion among our colleagues many times where i could see many positive points on this. Even i like the way it is.

  • rohit singh

    ihave seen sx4 is a best car because its groundclearance is very good as comparision other sedan ,,,,,,,,,,,,so i like this car ……and mileage 20 km/kg with cng,so it a economical car and lookwise is so good from backside…..

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