Vodafone Modified on October 10th, 2010

Vodafone Online Recharge Prepaid

Want to avoid the hassle of going to bank, withdrawing cast from your bank account and the searching for a retailer to buy a Vodafone Prepaid recharge? The answer is simple. Visit www.vodafone.in and click on the online recharge option.

The page contains all the information you need to select any one of the options offered by the mobile service provider to recharge your Vodafone mobile phone account.

Vodafone Bonus card or Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Customers intending to recharge their prepaid mobile connection online can now simply buy for themselves in a few easy steps, a Vodafone Prepaid mobile recharge or a Bonus Card from the official Vodafone website. By simply selecting the prepaid recharge or Bonus Card option one needs customers can make their payment to get a recharge in a few minutes time. There are precise directions for customers to exact the online recharge on the website.

The Steps to Vodafone prepaid Online Recharge

Following is the precise process of exacting the Vodafone prepaid recharge on the website;

>Select – Enter you Vodafone Prepaid mobile connection number and click on the ‘go’ option. Fill up the details of your connection and submit them after making sure that every detail has been provided.

>Pay – Once that is done, you will be presented with the options for payment. Select the payment option of your choice from the drop-down menu and submit. Once done, the portal will automatically direct you to a safe and secure payment interface in order to protect your account from any transgression.

>Confirm – In the next step the customer will be required to enter the exact amount of payment and fill in the unique authentication details. After doing this, the account held by the customer will be debited for the Vodafone Prepaid online recharge amount.

After following these three simple steps the customer’s mobile connection is recharged immediately. The customer will receive an online transaction confirmation and a transaction reference number as an acknowledgement for the payment made towards the online prepaid recharge

Benefits of Vodafone Online Prepaid Recharge                 

The benefits of taking advantage of the Vodafone Online Prepaid Recharge service on the internet are many. First of all there are no additional charges for using the online recharge facility. Another benefit is that Vodafone does not collect or store customer Credit Card or bank account information details. In case of Credit Cards, customers will be transferred to a secure payment gateway where they can enter their Credit Card details. The payment gateway authenticates the transaction and would then initiate the Top-up request. For Internet Banking or Debit Cards, the customers are transferred to the relevant bank website where they required to enter their Internet Banking login ID and password or their Debit Card details. The Top-up request is initiated once authentication is complete.

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