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BSNL online payment

In India the BSNL services are the best and are trusted for over many years. The system of BSNL online payment is almost same for different cities of India. Like for BSNL online payment one has to visit the site of BSNL online payment and has to register them. Then they have to enter their user name and password. This user name and password is different for every user and it cannot be the same. It is very important that the customer do not disclose the details of BSNL online payment account to any person or their account can be misused. It should be kept confidential and secret. Once the BSNL online payment site is opened then the user can make the necessary payments online.

Facilities of bsnl online payment

Following are the various facilities provided by BSNL

  • Payment of landline bills.
  • Payment of post paid mobile bills.
  • Payment of prepayment mobile bills.
  • Mobile Prepaid Online Recharge / Topup / Flexi Topup.
  • Post Paid Mobile Duplicate Bills.

Advantages of bsnl online payment

  • What is important is that for BSNL online payment, one should be fast in making the outstanding payments. In this way you can also make use of the discount that is available at the site of BSNL online payment.
  • It helps in saving your precious time of visiting the office.
  • It will facilitate you to see your outstanding bill amount incase you have not received your bill.
  • You can also view your previous payments.

But the biggest disadvantage is that you cannot make online payment of outstanding bills after the Pay-By-Date. Payment for such bills along with surcharge, has to be made at the BSNL Collection Centre.

Making payment through bsnl online payment

In the ‘VIEW OUTSTANDING GROUP BILLS’ page, click on the Bill Number adjacent to Group ID to view the ‘Bill Details’. A page gets displayed with PERSONAL INFORMATION, BILL DETAILS and BILL AMOUNT DETAILS.

You can make the payment online by selecting the button beside ‘UTI Bank I Connect (Net Banking)’, ‘ICICI Bank (Internet Banking)’, ‘ICICI Payment Gateway Using Credit Cards’ or ‘HDFC Bank Account – Direct Debit’ below the BILL AMOUNT DETAILS field. However, you should have a Net Banking account with UTI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank or a credit card from ICICI Bank.

When you click ‘Make Pay’, the Net Banking page of the bank chosen will be displayed. Here, enter your Username and Password and make the payment.

In case of payments through ICICI Credit Card, a page pertaining to ICICI Bank Secure Payment Gateway will be displayed. Here, you have to enter the type of card that you possess – Master card or Visa. Then, you have to key in the Card Number, Expiry Date of the card, CVV2/CVC2 Number (three-digit security code printed on the back of card) and your name as printed on the card. The amount to be paid will be displayed. Click ‘Pay’ to complete the transaction. After you click ‘Pay’, keep the Internet browser open to ensure that the transaction is completed successfully.

Acknowledgement of bsnl online payment

If the payment is successful, you will receive a message from the Bank stating ‘Hot Payment Made Successful’. You will also get a detailed mail for that transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will be automatically redirected from the bank website to the BSNL Portal. At the BSNL Portal, you can view the digital receipt of the bill. At this point, your online bill payment transaction will be completed

For payment of any service through BSNL visit the link given below:-

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