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Tata photon bill payment

Tata offers high speed internet connectivity USB modems to its customers at really affordable prices. Its USB Modem devices under the name Tata Photon Plus offer up to 3.2 Mbps speed for download. If you are an existing or potential post paid customer, find all information regarding bill payment below.

Option available for tata photon bill payment

Tata photon bill payment: Cash Payments

Tata Photon bills can be paid in cash at any Tata Indicom outlet that is closest to your location.

Tata photon bill payment: Check Payments

To pay by Cheques, cross it and mention your phone and account number on the back of the leaflet and drop it off at cheque collection boxes conveniently placed around town.

Tata photon bill payment: credit / debit cards

Credit/debit cards can be used to pay at select Indicom outlets.

Tata photon bill payment: via SMS service

For the mobile savvy customers, Tata offers the option to pay via SMS as well.

Tata photon bill payment: Online payment options

To save your precious time, there are different methods of online payment available for you.

  • Either register for an account on http://www.billdesk.com or www.tataindicom.com, or click on the ‘instant pay’ icon to pay bills without registering.
  • You can use Itz cash card, MasterCard/Visa credit/debit card or your internet banking account to pay bill via the internet.
  • E-Bill pay service requires sign-up, but it lets you view and manage your bill apart from just paying it online.
  • If you sign up for auto pay and issue standing instructions, then your bill can also be paid

By automatic clearance from your credit card or bank upon receipt of the monthly bill.

The best option is to pay your bills online, and make sure you never lapse a due date, which results in barring of internet access or even termination of service in case of non payment.

E-Bills, unlike paper bills, are delivered instantly and thus inform you about your pending bill much earlier than conventional mail, giving you more time to pay your bill. Online billing helps to save paper, and internet transactions ensure that all your payments are processed instantly. They are totally secure, are reflected in your account immediately. Also, online payment of bills helps to avoid queues at cash payment counters or inconvenient visits to cheque drop boxes.

Making tata photon bill payment online

  • Go to http://www.tataindicom.com/myaccount-new-user.aspx
  • Provide Your Tata Indicom photon plus number, Choose your Plan as postpaid, provide  your  account number,  provide email address & click on submit.
  • You shall get your initial PIN into email account
  • Login into your account & change your password
  • Relogin into your account
  • Click On “My Bill & Pay” in left side menu
  • Go to My Bill & Pay – Payment option -Instant Pay – Pay Now
  • You can also see the bill.

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