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Tata photon whiz

TATA Photon whiz USB modem is another dial-up cum modem which gives you speed up to 153 kbps (in actual you will get 15-20 kbps). This is a mobile USB Modem which serves many functions like Portable Internet Usage, Make and receive voice calls, Send SMS, Serves as 1GB storage device.

Key Features Of Tata Photon Whiz

1. Plug and Play:-Simply plug and play and start surfing and download. Quick and easy installation process. No CD for installation.

2. In Built Memory:-All new feature first of its kind.1GB storage available inside the USB device.

3. Voice and SMS enabled:-You can send or receive the SMS and calls from the device which comes along with a mobile connection.

4. Compatible with PC and Laptop:-You can now get internet on your PC or Laptop without any hassle. Just plug in the USB modem and start.

Stay Connected With Tata Photon Wherever You Are

Stay connected to the internet from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are with Tata Photon Whiz. Presenting Tata Photon Whiz that can function as a wireless internet modem as well as a mobile phone at attractive tariffs.

The Internet Advantage

  • Tata Photon Whiz offers data transfer and access to internet at speeds up to 153.6 Kbps. Just switch on your desktop / laptop and get connected, so that you don’t miss out on any critical information even when you are on the move.
  • Connects directly to the Tata Indicom network (20 circles and 3500 cities) with easy   installation and activation.
  • Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web page accessed etc.

The Voice Advantage

  • You can make and receive voice calls without any hassles.
  • Provision of caller ID
  • Voice calls at attractive rates

The SMS Advantage

  • Two way messaging facility available
  • Send messages while you are connected on your voice call or internet mode.

For more details, call 1800 266 121 (Toll free)

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