Play Schools in Noida

The concept of play schools wasn’t much popular a few years back, but it is now a place where parents get their children joined positively to give them a platform where they build a strong base for themselves. Now parents are keen to start their child’s learning process as soon as possible and also to keep their child busy doing something constructive.

People running play schools believe that if a child is put into a playschool at such a tender age he/she will learn sooner as a child is supposed to have a very strong grasping power at a young age; Also the child gets used to the concept of a ‘school’.

There are many playschools in the NCR, especially Noida that have lot to offer children in developing their academic skills by making them learn how to read, write and speak clearly. Playschools in Noida aim at not putting any pressures at the child of such a young age. They instead make the children play and perform their naughty antics alongside the learning process. The playschools in Noida have a very comfortable atmosphere and the child loves to come here daily where he/she makes friends, laughs and learns at the same time.

The playschools in Noida have one of the best infrastructural facilities among many other schools in various cities. Children get to play with interactive and specially designed toys, draw, paint, swim, and do various other kinds of activities converting their agility towards something useful and constructive.

Admissions and fees in Playschools of Noida

Admissions in the play school take place in the month of November. The fee charged by them varies between Rs 3600- Rs 5400 per quarter.

List of Play schools in Noida

A.P.J. School

Sector 16 A, Near G.N. Khalsa Middle School, Noida- 201301
Phone: 0120 – 2515154

Aruna Play School

C 58A, Sector 30, Near G.M. Modi Hospital, Noida – 201301
Phone: 0120 – 2456270

Euro Kids

G 19, Sector 27, Near G.T.B. Hospital, Noida – 201301

Florence Public School

AW197, Sector 19, Near Punjab National Bank, Noida – 201301,
Phone: 0120 – 2527932

Happy Hours School

NS-6, H-Block, Alpha 2, Noida – 201301
Phone: 0120 – 2321506

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