Bal Bharti Public School Noida

A co-educational CBSE affiliated, Bal Bharti Public School has students studying from grade Montessori to grade 12th. The school has been quite successful in providing CBSE based education to students from all sections of the society. The fees being nominal as compared to other school in Noida has made it even more coveted. . . . → Read More: Bal Bharti Public School Noida

International Schools in Noida

International Schools are schools that believe in the concept of global learning. They provide such a kind of atmosphere to students in the school that they get an international exposure. Even the staff that works for these schools has either internationally recognised qualifications or they come from overseas to teach here. The international schools run on an e-learning concept with excellent infrastructural facilities for students. . . . → Read More: International Schools in Noida

Top Schools in Noida

Schools in NCR attract many parents to get their child admitted in them. The schools present here are affiliated to many Boards hence they give a good range of choices for the parents. Schools are of different types in NCR like: co-educational Schools, All girl’s Schools, All Boy’s Schools, Schools for underprivileged, government funded schools, public schools, private schools, international schools, boarding schools, play schools, etc. . . . → Read More: Top Schools in Noida

Somerville School Noida

With the motto of ‘Love One Another’, Somerville School based in Greater Noida is one upcoming school with a steady growth graph. The school is managed by the Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India. It is affiliated to the CBSE Board and the medium of instructions is English. . . . → Read More: Somerville School Noida

Father Agnel School Noida

Father Agnel School, with the motto of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, is run by Catholic Priests and Brothers of the society of St. Francis Xavier. The school is known for their excellence, efficiency and dedication towards imparting education. The entire foundation of their education is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings. Hence they focus mainly on character building, inculcating a sense of tolerance and brotherhood among the students. Their administration is transparent and keeping clear to all parents. Being a catholic schools too they keep no biases among students and students of all religion come to gain knowledge. . . . → Read More: Father Agnel School Noida

Delhi Public School: DPS Noida

The school having classes from grade nursery to grade 12th is affiliated to CBSE. The medium of instruction is English and English and Hindi are compulsory languages of study. In addition to these students are also given options of French, German and Sanskrit from 4th grade. . . . → Read More: Delhi Public School: DPS Noida

Play Schools in Noida

There are many playschools in the NCR, especially Noida that have lot to offer children in developing their academic skills by making them learn how to read, write and speak clearly. Playschools in Noida aim at not putting any pressures at the child of such a young age. They instead make the children play and perform their naughty antics alongside the learning process. The playschools in Noida have a very comfortable atmosphere and the child loves to come here daily where he/she makes friends, laughs and learns at the same time. . . . → Read More: Play Schools in Noida

Boarding schools in Noida

The students residing at boarding schools in Noida have a strong bond with each other, are helpful and co-operative and have good social skills. Students residing in these schools get to develop their social, emotional and mental frame and learn to co-operate with each other through mutual understanding. They become so flexible in life that they never face a problem of adjustment anywhere as the atmosphere at boarding schools in Noida is very cosmopolitan. . . . → Read More: Boarding schools in Noida