Somerville School Noida

With the motto of ‘Love One Another’, Somerville School based in Greater Noida is one upcoming school with a steady growth graph. The school is managed by the Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India.

It is affiliated to the CBSE Board and the medium of instructions is English. Its architecture is modern and beautiful and a passer-by cannot ignore but notice the school’s building. The school is equipped with rain-water harvesting system making the students learn the importance of water conservation. The building of the schools is supposed to be earthquake resistant giving utmost security to the students and their parents.

Extra Curricular Activities at Somerville School Noida

An inter-school competition called ‘expressions’ is held every November by the school in which the leading schools of NCR participate and showcase their talent. The competition is in the field of art, music, painting, elocution etc.

The school also participates every year in W.C Memorial Football Tournament, which is the most talked about sports tournament in Noida.

The students are taken to excursions and educational trips every year too. Many workshops are also conducted for the all round development of students.

Houses and the Students Council at Somerville School, Noida

All the students studying in the school are divided into 4 houses. They are-

  • David (yellow house)
  • Solomon (red house)
  • Daniel (green house)
  • Moses (blue house)

Many inter-house competitions and activities keep happening round the year. All the houses have a Captain, Vice Captain and the Prefects to monitor the over all functioning. They are chosen from among the students. Above them is the House Mistress who guides them.

The school also has a Head Boy who is the top authority to all students of the Council. Monthly Council meetings are organised too to discuss the growth of each House and about policies, discipline maintenance and other activities.

Facilities provided by the Somerville School to the students

  • Library
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Lab
  • Music and dance training
  • Art and Craft workshops
  • Sports area
  • Indoor sports area

Academics at Somerville School, Noida

As the schools follows the CBSE based curriculum, the syllabus is compiled under the guidance of the NCERT. Physical Education, Computer Science and Sanskrit are an essential part of the Curriculum. Art, craft, vocal music training, dance, elocution, yoga and gymnastics are also taught in the school.

Somerville School Uniform


Summer Uniform

  • White, half-sleeved shirt with blue pin stripes
  • Dark steel blue grey shorts/trousers
  • Dark blue steel grey school belt
  • Dark blue steel grey socks with black shoes with laces

Winter Uniform

  • As approved by the school

Physical Training Uniform

  • Half-sleeved T-shirts in House Colours in summers as defined by the school and full sleeved T-shirts in winters.
  • White Shorts in summers and full white pants in winters.
  • Nylon socks with house coloured stripes


Summer Uniform

  • Same shirt as Boys
  • Pleated divided skirts in dark blue steel grey colour.
  • Same belt and socks as boys with girls’ school shoes black in colour.

Winter Uniform

  • As approved by the school

Physical Training Uniform

  • T-shirt same as boys in winters and summers
  • White divided skirts
  • Socks same as boys.
  • White ribbons for girls with long hair and white hair bands for girls with short hair.

Admission and fee structure of Somerville School, Noida

Tuition Fee charged by Somerville School is Rs 1600 per month. Admissions start in the month of February for middle and senior level classes and in December for junior level Classes.

Contact Information of Somerville School, Noida

Somerville School, Block-H, Alpha-2, Greater Noida, District Gautam Budh Nagar

Telephone number 0120- 2414141

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