Professor Sudhir Kakar was the co-ordinator of Department of Management Studies (DMS) when it first started. At that time this department was called ‘School of System and Management Studies’. In those times studying MBA was not much prevalent but with the course starting at an institute of excellent reputation, MBA courses too gained popularity and more and more students started opting for MBA at IIT, Delhi. . . . → Read More: IIT Delhi MBA

MBA Students’ life at IIT Delhi

The life at IIT Delhi for MBA students is a mix of studies, fun activities, project works, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, summer internships and a lot more. There are 2 girls’ and 8 boys’ hostels in the campus. The Students’ Activity Centre (SAC) is huge place where students organise fun and leisure activities. . . . → Read More: MBA Students’ life at IIT Delhi

Benefits of studying MBA from IIT Delhi

Not only Technical studies but management studies of IIT Delhi too are well known in India. Students strive to get admission in IIT Delhi to study MBA . . . → Read More: Benefits of studying MBA from IIT Delhi