CBSE schools in Bangalore

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is been a favorite options amongst all working parents, especially those on interstate transferable jobs. The reason why parents choose CBSE is it’s designed to enhance comprehension and aptitude of their children and encourages them to write in their own language about the subject and when it comes to extracurricular activities, significance is given to capable students who nurture in themselves those indispensable extra traits. . . . → Read More: CBSE schools in Bangalore

ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Bengaluru / Bangalore is considered to be a hub of the education sector. Students from all parts of India come to study here. The schools of Bengaluru have excelled in the deliverance of high quality education to enable students to be prepared for highly competitive working environment. . . . → Read More: ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Indus International School Bangalore

Indus International School is located in the Sarjapur area where most of IT companies have their bases. The school is also running in around 28 countries apart from India. The school believes that they nurture the children in such a way that they become leaders of tomorrow. . . . → Read More: Indus International School Bangalore

Ryan International Schools in Bangalore

Ryan International Schools have a huge network of schools all over the world. The ones in Bangalore are counted among the best branches of all. The magnificent architecture and the excellent infrastructure add to the worth of their name. . . . → Read More: Ryan International Schools in Bangalore

Baldwin School Bangalore

It is a Christian school with two branches, one being the Baldwin Boy’s High School and its sister concern Baldwin Girls’ High School. Both the schools are among the leading schools of Bangalore. The school believes in developing the children in such a way that they become responsible citizens of our country. The schools inculcate moral, social and spiritual values along with developing a positive attitude towards life. . . . → Read More: Baldwin School Bangalore

DPS Schools in Bangalore

The Delhi Public Schools in Bangalore signify what meaningful education is. With fast growing number of students studying in them, they show to the world how liberated human beings are and how they can prove to be a blessing for the country. . . . → Read More: DPS Schools in Bangalore

Boarding Residential Schools in Bangalore

The number of Boarding or residential schools in Bangalore is quite high as many students from across India come to Bangalore to gain education as Bangalore is considered the hub of education in India. Many schools have boarding and lodging facilities with them making Bangalore the most sought after educational destination in India. . . . → Read More: Boarding Residential Schools in Bangalore

International schools in Bangalore

There are many international schools in Bangalore as the city is among the first ones to initiate international education in India. Such schools have been giving the right amount of exposure and bringing in a new form of curriculum and newer ways of teaching. They plan their curriculum following some strategies . . . → Read More: International schools in Bangalore