Public Schools in Central Delhi

The infrastructure facilities and scope for all round development is great in the schools of central part of Delhi. The schools in Central Delhi have set their standard very high on the national level. Both the physical and human infrastructure of the schools located here are one of the finest in India. . . . → Read More: Public Schools in Central Delhi

Public Schools in East Delhi

Getting the child educated in a Public school is advantageous as there is no class, creed or stature bias as it is in other schools, and students from all sections of the society are given equal importance. The teacher-student ratio is good in public schools in Delhi, which means that all students get personalised attention from the teachers. The infrastructural facilities too are good in a public school of Delhi and fee structure too is quite economical. . . . → Read More: Public Schools in East Delhi

Public Schools in North Delhi

North Delhi has a number of public schools affiliated to various boards where students come to gain knowledge. Students studying in the schools located in north Delhi edge out other students when it comes to academic competitions and cultural programs. The quality of cultural programs happening in the schools of north Delhi is worth watching. . . . → Read More: Public Schools in North Delhi

Public Schools in South Delhi

Southern part of Delhi is the most posh area of entire Delhi boasting of some of the best schools in the National Capital Region. The density of schools, just like West Delhi, is quite high here. Many localities are said to have many Public schools affiliated to various boards and especially CBSE Board. As CBSE has a great reputation and parents prefer getting their children educated in the CBSE Based schools, although schools affiliated to other boards fare equally well. . . . → Read More: Public Schools in South Delhi

Public Schools in West Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi offers one of the best schools in India. The maximum number of schools, affiliated to different boards is in the western part of Delhi. Speaking of Public Schools, West Delhi has a lot to offer. The kind of exposure and the activities beyond academics make it lucrative for many parents to even send their children from other parts of India to study in Delhi. . . . → Read More: Public Schools in West Delhi

International Schools in Delhi

The international schools in Delhi also are actively involved in extra curricular activities and give a lot of scope for students to showcase their talents. They encourage students to explore and then polish the special talents in them. The platform provided by international schools is wide and is full of opportunities for students to get recognition. . . . → Read More: International Schools in Delhi

Boarding Schools in Delhi

Many cities in India have boarding schools and one such city is the national capital, Delhi that provides quality boarding schools for students. These schools provide many facilities apart from the usual ones to the students. Their state-of-art infrastructure and friendly environment make students feel comfortable and the friendly staff makes them feel at home. . . . → Read More: Boarding Schools in Delhi

CBSE Schools in Delhi

CBSE Board has been the oldest authority to certify students passing their examinations in 10th and 12th grades. The head office of CBSE is located in Eastern part of Delhi; therefore it is the most preferred board of education in the national capital. The curriculum of the schools affiliated to this board has been designed in such a way that it inculcates the power of comprehension in students and gaining true knowledge. . . . → Read More: CBSE Schools in Delhi