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NIT Kurukshetra

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra, a government funded college has been accredited as an Institution of National Importance (INI). It was earlier known as Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra but later on it started being counted among the important institutions promoting technical education so it got renamed to NIT.

The state in which it is located, Haryana did not have many institutions imparting technical knowledge and NIT- Kurukshetra just served the purpose of its existence. Today NIT, Kurukshetra not only offers technical courses to study but has also introduced management department with an MBA program.

Contact Information of NIT Kurukshetra

Address: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana.

For inquiries related to admission, hostels and any other kind of query

Phone No: 01744-238083, 233200/100. Website:

NIT Kurukshetra Campus

Situated in Kurukshetra, National Institute of Technology campus spreads over a vast area of 300 acres and is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Hostels for students: Total 6 hostels for boys among which 3 are for undergraduate students and 2 hostels for girls have been provided. All hostel rooms are single, double and triple seated having huge capacity to accommodate students. All hostels have a separate mess, a common room with television sets and a room of computers with free of cost internet facility. Wardens in the hostels are from the faculty at NIT.
  2. Instructional buildings or the academic buildings: Located between 2 residential buildings, the instructional area is quite huge.
  3. Staff residential section

Facilities provided in the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra campus

  1. A huge Library
  2. Centre of computing and network
  3. Guest house
  4. Central workshop
  5. Physical education area
  6. Hospital
  7. Bank
  8. Post office
  9. Shopping centre
  10. Several laboratories for students of various departments
  11. Hostels for students
  12. Basic amenities like- water and electricity supply etc.

Kurukshetra is located about 90 kilometres from Chandigarh and around 160 kilometres from Delhi. It’s a place where many centres of pilgrimage exist today. Due to this reason NIT, Kurukshetra campus’ architecture is historic and speaks volume of the divine and legendary city where many battles were fought in the past.

Academic Departments at NIT Kurukshetra

  • Electronics and communication engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Information technology
  • Industrial engineering and management
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Computer applications
  • Business Management
  • Humanities

Courses offered and their admission procedure at National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra

  1. B.Tech: By giving AIEEE examination
  2. M.Tech: By giving GATE examination
  3. MBA: Through a written test, GD and a personal interview
  4. MCA: Through NIMCET examination
  5. PhD

Extra Curricular Activities at National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

Like the other NITs, at Kurukshetra too annual cultural festivals do take place. Students here are active in sports and utilise their sport area fully. Apart from rigorous study hours students take out time to recreate in their clubs and hobby areas.

NIT Kurukshetra Alumni

The Alumni of NIT, Kurukshetra had formed their association long back in the initial years of the establishment of the institute. Today the NIT, Kurukshetra Alumni is a registered body and annual meetings take place keeping them in contact with each other and the faculty. The students passing out each year from this esteemed institution, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, get placed into equally esteemed organisations setting examples for other institutes and colleges.

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