Airtel Digital TV Recharge online by Credit Card

Get connected to the Internet and paste this link in your browser address. You will be asked to enter your Customer ID, your Mobile Number, and your Date of Birth.

Once you enter these details, the page will transition to another page which will ask you to enter your Service Provider of Credit Card, namely Master Card or Visa Card. Once you select the appropriate choice you will be directed to enter the credit card number, the credit card pin number (or it may be your password for online transactions.

It depends on your credit card provider’s method of allowing you to conduct online transactions). Having cleared these steps, you will, at this stage, have to enter the amount you wish to recharge (Which again depends on the Bouquet of Channels you have subscribed for, OR on the Plan the Airtel Digital TV Plan that you are using) and with this the transaction would complete.

Airtel Digital TV will send a Recharge Receipt by SMS to your Mobile number and simultaneously generate an online Receipt. This you can either print it or you can save it in the PC. If you are using your own PC you can save it, otherwise we advise you to just take a printout in paper and log off from the session. This will ensure security of your Credit Card usage. 

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