Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccine Preventable Diseases DPT Vaccine

Age : This is given when your child is 1 1/2, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 months old.

Protect From . . . → Read More: Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Homemade recipes for baby

Homemade recipes for baby

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Cooked Leafy Green


1 Pound fresh greens (kale, collards etc.)

1 Tablespoon water

3 Tablespoon fruit juice

. . . → Read More: Homemade recipes for baby

Precautions when you prepare food for your baby

Wash your hands before cooking the baby food. Ensure that the fruits, vegetables and the cooking equipments are thoroughly clean. Throw away the unfinished food as bacteria develops easily. . . . → Read More: Precautions when you prepare food for your baby

Diet for breast feeding mother

A baby is dependent upon his mother for all the nutritional requirements during the feeding period. For the first few months the only source of energy for the baby is breast milk. Thus the mother should decide her diet as per the baby’s requirements. Since a lot of calcium and other nutrient in the mother’s body are being engaged in the production of milk, a healthy diet is as essential for her and for baby. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. . . . → Read More: Diet for breast feeding mother

Baby Bath

For a newborn baby , two or three times bath in a week is enough, but you have to keep her/his diaper area well cleaned and wash her hands and face several times a day. . . . → Read More: Baby Bath

Baby care after one year

They may gain around 3-4kgs during 1st year. An average 15-month-old girl weighs about 22 pounds (10kgs) and 31 inches tall. Boys tend to be about a pound heavier at 15 months but about the same height. By 2nd year, girls or boys will about 34 inches tall and 27 -28 pounds (12-13kgs) on an average weight. . . . → Read More: Baby care after one year

Baby care during seventh to twelfth month

Now your baby is taking a more and more active part in life and has become an established member of the family. During this stage the baby develops a great deal physically and mentally. Babies at this age are developing a real personality. . . . → Read More: Baby care during seventh to twelfth month

Baby care during fourth to sixth month

Baby can roll over by 5 to 6 months. They can sit unsupported. If you held him/her in a standing position, begins to support the body with the legs. Now he/she plays with hands and feet, moves objects from one hand to the other, Looks, reaches, grasps, and mouths objects in a swift and accurate sequence of movements. Baby can able to Explores 1 object at a time. Increases his/her use of fingers to touch hold and examine objects. Baby is moving his/her arms up and down and side to side. She/he learns hitting, waving, patting, and shaking. . . . → Read More: Baby care during fourth to sixth month