Baby Care Modified on May 21st, 2010

Baby Bath

When you need to bathe your baby depends on how old your baby is.

For a newborn baby , two or three times bath in a week is enough, but you have to keep her/his diaper area well cleaned and wash her hands and face several times a day.

After she is started crawling and eating her first foods, your baby require more regular bathing.  It is better to bathe your newborn baby before mealtime.

For older babies, a bath before bedtime cleans them up for the night and helps soothe them. You will need to give them a bath almost every night.

Once the cord stump has fallen off, your baby can take a real bath in the sink or a baby tub. You’ll only need about two inches of warm water to give your baby an effective bath. Before you put your baby anywhere near the water, test it with the back of your wrist or your elbow. These early baths don’t need to be long. Hold your baby firmly and gently wash away any debris or loose skin that’s accumulated.

As you wash your baby, pay attention on areas such as

  • The genital and diaper areas
  • The hands and feet.
  • Check between the fingers and toes as well.
  • The face and neck.
  • If debris has accumulated around her eyes, use a cotton ball to swab it away.

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