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Baby Care in First Month

 A baby is the precious gift given to you by god. This innocent blessing needs a lot of care and attention until it adjusts itself fully with the world.

First month is very critical to mother. She has to understand the new born baby’s feeling. Little baby not able to talk with us, hence we have to know all the things which are necessary  for our new born baby’s growth.

She/he is crying if feels uncomfortable. Our baby is entering into the new world. It will take time to adjust him/her in the new environment. Till the time it is our responsibility to take care the baby and understand the things which are necessary for the baby’s care.


The first milk

The first milk secreted by the mother is called COLUSTRUM. A mother’s milk contains the right amount of fats, proteins, sugar and water essential for the growth and development of the newly born baby. Through breastfeeding the mother also feeds some antibodies to the baby which increases the immunity of the baby and protects them from various viral and bacterial infections. The breast milk is easy to digest.

Breastfeeding develops a strong bond between the moms and their newly born baby.

Breast milk is considered to be the most beneficial and healthy food for the newly born. It is the perfect nutritional and provides all dietary requirements of a healthy baby. During the first two or three days after they are born, most babies seem fairly sleepy and do not need frequent feeds. But after the first week they will require feeding every 2-3 hours. They are sleeping 3-4 hours between nighttime feedings. She/he will suck her fingers if not the nipple comes in her mouth. 

Your baby’s digestive system is incapable of absorbing and digesting solid food until he/she is at least three months old.

Tips for Feeding

  • Talk softly to your baby while you feed.
  • Feed him frequently, in small amounts. A newborn baby requires small amount of milk in the first two or three days. Feed him/her every 2-3 hours.
  • Recognize signals from your baby that shows he/she is hungry. When they want milk, normally they are doing lip smacking, tongue movement, and eye fluttering. Crying is a late signal of hunger.

Sleeping habits of first month old baby

In first month baby sleeps from 17-20 hours per day. She/he will take about 8 naps per day. There is usually no regular pattern of eating or sleeping. In the first week he/she feels and react like same way as he/she was in the womb. 

Newborn babies not follow any sleeping pattern. Their sleeping time not depend on the day or night. But they require 17-20 hours sleep per day in first month. Your baby will probably sleep for two to three hours. Their daily routine is like sleep, wake up, eat, and go to sleep again. They are trying to be adjusting in the new environment.

Physical Changes  during first month

At this stage they may develop fussy crying after 2-3 weeks for a few hours. During this time feeding is the only thing that makes baby comfortable if she/he is irritant or crying.

During the first months, babies can focus on objects 8 to 12 inches away from him/her. At the end of the first month, most will be able to briefly focus on the objects that are three feet away. He stares at objects, He likes bold shapes and high-contrast objects. He/she may also occasionally cross his eyes in the first weeks.

During the first month he/she can also reacts to sound. Baby turns her head toward the sound or reacts when there is sudden noise in the room. By the end of the first month, few babies will recognize the sound of a familiar voice. A few babies may also begin early squeals and laughter. He may react negatively to loud voices or music.

You can see your baby’s smile while he/she is sleeping. But by the end of the first month, your baby recognizes the familiar faces and smiles specifically directed at them. He loves looking at faces, and your expressions. Babies love the feel of different textures.

His/her skin may be dry and flaky with a rash. Baby boy and baby girl breast tissue may be swollen due to your hormones, which are still in his or her body.

You have to talk softly with your baby. The more you talk to your baby now, the more likely he’ll enjoy being talked to or read to later.

Movements in first month

She/he is wobbly all over, cannot keep her head straight and it keeps rolling to one side when she lies on her back and arms and legs keeps moving here and there.

Newborn Umbilical Cord Care

You have to take proper care of the umbilical cord. To hasten healing, keep the area dry and exposed to the air by turning the diaper down and shirt up. The cord should fall off between the first and fourth weeks of your baby’s life.

First Baby Baths

During first month avoid daily bathing. Daily bathing can dry out baby skin. Newborn babies don’t get very dirty. Only a sponge bath is needed, until the umbilical cord has fallen off . After that, two or three baths a week are plenty.

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