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National Institute of Technology Trichi

History and Pedigree of NIT Trichy

When we think of Engineering college what comes to the mind first is the IITs of India. No doubt they are the most coveted & top most Engineering Institutions. However their seat intakes were & still are woefully inadequate.

In order to mitigate this problem, the Govt. Of India passed an ordnance in 1961 and formed 8 Premier Engineering Colleges and named them as Regional Engineering College. They were at various places like Warangal, Raipur, Durgapur, Kurukshetra, Patna etc including one in Trichy in the year 1964.

In the year 2002 the HRD Ministry decided to Rename all these RECs (As They Were Called, With A Sense Of Pride) as National Institute of Technology. They also decided to open 17 of such new colleges. All the NITs have been accorded Deemed Engineering Universities status by the AICTE, Govt Of India. Today there are 20 NITs in India.

From the time of its Constitution NIT – Trichy continued to build an unrivalled reputation as an Engineering Institution of excellence within the group of RECs. Students who did not manage to get admission to IITs would immediately join NIT & mostly we could hear that it was in Trichy. As time went by NIT – Trichy went on to build on its reputation of excellence, and as it stands today it is the Apex NIT for all the NITs in India. Such is the impeccable Pedigree & Standing it commands in the minds of the people.

NIT – Trichy as it stands today

Today, it offers excellent quality education in as diverse a range of subjects as Humanities to Electronics & communications Engineering. It has 16 Academic Branches and predominantly consists of one stream of engineering or the other. The Academic branches are : Architecture, Chemical Engg, Chemistry, Civil Engg, Computer Applications,  Computer Science and Engg, Electrical & Electronics Engg, Electronics and Communications Engg, Humanities, Instrumentation and Control Engg, Management Studies, Mathematics, Mechanical Engg, Metallurgical and Materials Engg, Production Engg, and the last one being Physics.  The Chairman of this institution Mr.R.Seshasayee is himself a very well known & highly respected figure in the Indian Industrial Circles, and he has been the MD of Ashok Leyland Ltd, the Premier Commercial Vehicles Manufacturer Of India.

In fact their management studies is being operated as a separate school itself and it is named as Department Of Management Studies who offer their own set of subjects and specializations. This particular school is a fairly recent addition, keeping in with the mood and modernity of today’s economy. In fact The MBA programme at Department of Management Studies is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and is the only funded MBA programme among the 20 NIT’s present in India today.  Hence essentially it has maintained its roots but has grown into a much larger institution. The institution has the autonomy to decide upon newer courses & curriculum in view of its Deemed University Status.

How Popular is NIT Trichy

That is a silly sub-heading, really. NIT – TRICHY has from the initial years been attracting students from all parts of India including a good chunk from the North Eastern States. NIT Trichy’s campus is a Microcosm of India. If you see the students’ mix in any major gathering or event one would get to see students from every state & every nook and corner of India. You go to any corner of India and you are sure to find someone or the other in that place knows about NIT – Trichy. Its fame is of that of a younger sibling of the best IIT, and this impression is at the country level. An interesting trivia about this institution is that they too – like all IITs – give their students individual mail IDs on their portal.

What are the facilities available for students

NIT – Trichy has intake strength in the range of 4000 students in an academic year. They have 16 Boys Hostel & 1 Girls Hostel which accommodates 3560 students. They have excellent quality messes and food services. The Buhari mess enjoys the popular patronage. Students have the choice to switch between one mess to another, if he / she does not like the food or any aspect of Various avenues for recreation & sporting have been provided for the welfare and extra-curricular activities. Today all the Hostel Rooms are Internet enabled, a far cry from the days of yore. It also has its own Hospital inside the campus.

NIT – Trichy – like all other premier educational institutes of India – have their own Placement Cell & their campus recruitment is only rivaled by the IITs. Most of the student finds a career start in the campus placement itself.

As far Academics are concerned, the quality has remained unquestionably top of the class. The faculties are also of superlative quality, and some of the faculties are in fact research scientists too. NIT – Trichy is very well equipped with a Top Of the Class multi-discipline Research Laboratory. They have Institute-Industry participation as an extensive part of their coaching methodology. They also periodically get well known figures as guest lecturers. This includes quite a lot of reputed industrialists.


In nut shell, don’t get disheartened if your child does not get admission in the coveted IIT. There is always NIT – Trichy available as an attractive alternative, apart from off course the other 19 NITs.

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