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Today Personal Computers have reached India even in remotest villages, and even villagers who are farmers are being encouraged to use computers to sell their produce through online system, thereby eliminating the middlemen and increase the profit margin of the farmers.

In such a scenario, email has become the largest communication tool of the modern age, the world over. Very large percentage of the population is aware of what an email is, and most of them do use it through a lot of email service providers.

What is Gmail and registration

Gmail is also a web based free email service system. registration was started in the year 2005, and initially it was offered only on invitation basis. That is, it was being sent as an invitation to individuals to open the mail account & such a person who has received and opened an account was given 50 invitations, which she or he could send to her or his 50 contacts of choice, which could do registration at and open the mail account in Gmail for free.

Today registration is free and it is open for everybody to use its service. It is owned and operated by the single biggest search engine organization namely M/s. Google.

Major difference between Gmail and other Mail Services

The single biggest difference between Gmail and other email service providers is that, Gmail provides unlimited storage space for the mails, and hence you do not have to delete your old mails to maintain space, that is to maintain the mail box size allocated to you.

In addition, there is a very big advantage in using Gmail compared to others. In Gmail if you have received or sent a mail in the year 2005, and you faintly remember the context on which the mail was on, then you can directly go into what is called as the Search Mail Bar, and input couple of words that you distinctly remember from this mail, and the Search Mail option will fetch that mail from deep within its archives, even if a couple of thousands of mails have been sent and received after the particular mail you have searched. This is a great and unique utility.

How to Register and Obtain a Gmail Account

It is very simple. You have to type in the address bar of your web browser, and it will take you to the index page of Gmail. Here in the right hand lower side of the page one can find a raised box (Also called as Radio Button) written as Create An Account.

Click this and it will take you to the registration page, where you would be required to fill online form having simple details such as First Name, Last Name, Desired Login Name (It is the name with which you would like to have your Gmail ID, for example you want it as dharma[@] then enter the word dharma in the Desired Login Name), Choose a Password, Re-enter Password etc.

Once you have completed these steps in this registration form it will ask you to select a Secret Question, and Answer for the same in the next step. If you do not find the options of Secret Questions provided by Gmail then you can create your own Secret Question and Type the Answer for the same in the next step. This is to ensure that, in case, you have forgotten your password then when you try to login to your account it will ask you Answer that you had provided for the Secret Question (which only you would know, since you typed the Answer at the time of creating the Gmail Account), and will allow you to re-set the password.

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There are a few more simple steps before you successfully open and operate your account. It will ask you to enter Recovery Email. If you have any other mail ID you can feed it in this field. Or else you can leave it blank. Next interface will ask you your location by listing down the countries. You select the country that you live in. Then there will be a blank field with some distorted looking characters and / or numbers. This you should type in the blank field and then click on the I Accept. Create My Account Box (This is also a Radio Button).

You have now acquired a new Gmail Account, and ready to use it.

Additional Benefits in Using Gmail

Gmail allows you to send attachments like pictures, videos or any type of documents upto 20 Mega Bytes (MBs) along with a single email.

You can view all Microsoft Office documents online itself, with the Gmail’s inbuilt feature. You may be accessing your mail from a very remote village cyber café and it may not have Microsoft Office Suite installed in its PC. In such situations, this utility is of immense help.

You can get your Gmail account configured to your mail client. What it means is that, you can get Gmail to work from your PC by creating the settings in Outlook, Outlook Express and many other such email software’s that work directly from the Computer.

You need not have to remain connected to internet to create a mail. You can just type your mails in your mail software and then connect your computer to internet to send all your mails at one go, as well as download all your incoming mails at the same time. To understand how to get your Gmail Account configured to your mail client read our article POP3 Gmail Settings

There are many more benefits which you will discover as you start using Gmail. Go ahead and enjoy this mail service.

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